Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT

System Requirements

System requirements are subject to change. Please ensure you have the latest information before making any purchase decisions. If you are running any other Blackbaud products, please refer to the System Requirements for those products separately.

Last updated: May 26, 2020

Standalone/workstation supported versions


You can access Financial Edge NXT web view using any of the following browsers. We recommend using the latest version available:

  • Google Chrome for Windows and Mac
  • Firefox
  • Safari 9.0
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge

The browser must accept cookies and have javascript enabled in order to best display Financial Edge NXT.


Minimum screen resolution 1024x768.

Microsoft Office products

Microsoft Excel add-ins for Financial Edge NXT are applications built by Blackbaud and available in Microsoft's Office Store. These add-ins only work with Microsoft Office 2016 or higher. You can choose to use the Excel add-in from Microsoft Office 365 or from your desktop version.

Database view requirements


To access the Database view hosted on Citrix, you must have a Blackbaud Hosting Services login. If you do not have a Blackbaud Hosting Services login, please refer to the Knowledgebase solution. You must also have the Citrix Receiver installed on your computer. To download the Citrix Receiver, please refer to the Knowledgebase solution. For more information, about Citrix requirements see

Processor (CPU)

    1.7 GHz Intel Pentium IV equivalent or faster.

    Memory (RAM)

    1 GB minimum.

    Hard disk

    1 GB minimum for program and system files; plus 500 MB free disk space for processing activities.

    Compatibility information

    3rd-party products

    While you cannot access certain third-party products from Financial Edge NXT, you can access them through the database view.


    F9 system requirements


    PaperSave system requirements

    Accounting forms/Blackbaud forms

    Blackbaud Forms provides computer forms (such as checks, statements, and purchase orders) and envelopes specifically designed for use with The Financial Edge. Blackbaud forms are guaranteed to align correctly and can be customized to your organization’s specifications, using your logo, special inks, and print styles. Pre-printed forms from other suppliers are not guaranteed to align properly and are not supported by Blackbaud. For more information, visit